About Me

Growing up in the US, China, Brazil, the Philippines and Thailand gave me a unique chance to experience what this world has to offer from a very young age. After four years at the University of Virginia dabbling in Writing Papers at the Last Minute and Pretending to do the Reading for Class, I graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies. After graduation, my inner-Asian child longed for homemade jiaozi (dumplings), red bean paste and rice at every meal. I  decided that I wanted to live in China again.

The Princeton in Asia program enjoyed my quirky application video (where I pretended to be a pharmaceutical rep for a new medicine called P.i.A.) and granted me a fellowship to teach English at Dalian University of Technology for a year. After that I enjoyed two years in the “always spring city” of Kunming in southwestern China where I filled my time with teaching, traveling and getting around the Great Firewall of China to write this blog.

Now I’m back in the US of A, searching for a job and a new place to call home.

I hope you enjoy my posts and pictures. Please subscribe (on the righthand side of the page) for the latest updates.




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great pictures. Looks like you are enjoying teaching in Kunming, and I can’t say that I’m not a little jealous. China’s smaller cities are some of the places I have enjoyed most. Make sure you take the time to really explore Yunnan and all of it’s wonderful diversity.

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