Dragon Boat Festival, revisited

I wrote a great post two years ago about making zong zi (粽子)for my first Dragon Boat Festival. Check it out (again). 

This year I was also invited to a friend’s house to make/eat zong zi. One of the students who helps foreign teachers at Yun Da, and is an all around great guy, invited me and two other teachers to his house.

Water, Matt and Nick

Water, Matt and Nick

While we sat and chatted, his mom made ten different dishes for dinner!!! We were starting to get a little hungry, so had a zong zi appetizer. I learned that they tie them differently here (or in JiangXi province, where his family is from). It was like a brain teaser to figure out how to unwrap it!

How do I get you open?

How do I get you open?

When Water finally told me the trick, I was rewarded with warm sticky rice heaven. His mother made savory zong zi with little beans interspersed and a center of spicy cured pork. The ones that I made (and ate) in Dalian were generally sweet, but I actually kinda liked the salty/spicy variety.

Voila! Eat up!

Voila! Eat up! I promise it tastes better than it looks.


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