Things I’ll Miss About China: Being Close to My Parents

My flight from Kunming to Bangkok took less than two hours. Amazingness. It felt like great payback for all of those weekends in college when my friends would casually decide to go home for the weekend. I was very jealous of them. Now, I get to go home for a weekend at a house that’s like a five-star hotel… in Bangkok. (All expenses paid, too!)

April and May are big months for my parents. Both of their birthdays and their wedding anniversary happen in the span of a few weeks. I don’t think they’ll mind me advertising that this year they both celebrated their ha ha birthdays, which in Thai means that they turned 55. Ha=5 if you couldn’t figure that out 5555. I was there to help my dad celebrate his big day, which was lots of fun. Will I go out with 15+ friends for salsa dancing, clubbing and shots at an ice bar for my 55th birthday? I hope so.

Celebrating in style after a Mexican feast

Celebrating in style after a Mexican feast

I may be biased, but I think my parents are pretty cool. They’ve traveled the world, raised three (mostly well-adjusted, haha) kids, and still manage to make each other laugh. I love spending time with them, watching them, and wondering how they do it. They give me great advice, and listen to me when I want to think out loud.

How long ago was this??

How long ago was this??

They’ve been able to visit me several times in China, and I’ve gone to Bangkok for weekend getaways and used their house as a summer home base while traveling around southeast Asia. When I move back to the US, Skype dates will be a little harder to arrange (darn time zones), weekend trips like this won’t be possible, and I’ll probably see them a lot less. I’ll miss you MIB and Faps! Being in bordering countries has been fun while it lasted.

A visit to Yunnan in April 2012

A visit to Yunnan in April 2012


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