Sick tree? Give it an IV

I’ve been spending more and more time outdoors in the beautiful spring weather in the Spring City. One of the city’s nicest parks- Green Lake, is minutes away from my apartment. After a major beautification project last year, the park is nicer than ever. I’ve tried to go running around the lake a few times each week, which is good exercise, but also really fun for people watching. One day I need to bring a camera and take pictures of everything (and everyone) I see. Until then, check out this strange gem that I saw the other night.

Many of the trees are hooked up to IVs. Yes, like the medical kind. I guess it’s some type of fertilizer? Anyways, I had a good laugh and hope you will too!

Get well soon Mr. Tree!

Get well soon Mr. Tree!


One thought on “Sick tree? Give it an IV

  1. Fascinating! Wish I could say we have the season called spring! Although the calendar says it is, it has been snowing the last 3 days! (The snow globe kind NOT the major accumulation kind!)

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