This year!

Hello 2013! I rang in the New Year at the same place I celebrated the year before. That’s gotta be a first for me! In the past ten years or so, it seems like I’ve always been somewhere different: bringing in the new millennium in New Zealand, watching fireworks from our balcony in Manila, snow tubing in Pocono Pines, cruising down the Chao Praya River in Bangkok, at a coffee shop in Dalian…

This year I had a big Chinese dinner cooked by my roommate and some of her friends. Then we went out to a bar and celebrated with sparklers and sparkling grape juice (last minute shopping trip yielded no champagne). Afterwards we went to the restaurant next door and indulged in hamburgers. A good night overall!

In January and February this year, I was in Bangkok, biked through northern Vietnam, enjoyed the beaches of Malaysian Borneo, and returned to Kunming to finish up the school year. In early spring, I took a weekend trip to Xiamen to visit some friends from Dalian, and also played tour guide when my parents visited Kunming, Lijiang and Shangrila. I watched my baby brother graduate from high school in June (oh my)! Then in July I said a tearful goodbye to  friends scattering around the globe (the expat circle of life), and traveled to China’s wild wild west aka Xinjiang. I returned to the US briefly for some guacamole and wide open spaces, then in September, came back to Kunming to begin a new school year. In October I celebrated Halloween in Hong Kong, then in November I hosted an amazing Thanksgiving feast. The months seemed to fly by with a busy schedule of teaching, and in December I was still wearing short sleeve shirts and enjoying Kunming’s sunshine. We’ve had a few chilly days in the Spring City this December, but overall the temperatures have been nice enough for me to wear a light sweater outside during the day. Ahh, just how I like it.

I’ve made some amazing friends this year– “lifelong” friends who I’ll keep in touch with for years to come. I’ve been blessed with a comfortable life, lots of laughter, and plenty of adventure. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring.

This year for my two month Chinese New Year break, I’m planning a low key vacation in Bangkok with some Kunming friends stopping by, and possibly a short side trip to Burma with my mom. The next semester of classes starts in late February, and I’m really excited to be teaching the same classes again (second time’s a charm). I’ll also be applying for JOBS! In America! Yes, I’m plotting a great return to the US of A. Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you hear of any openings in higher education/student affairs that deal with international students. Ideally I’d like to be doing something that helps Chinese students who are studying in the US.

Here’s a little highlights reel from 2012! I hope you have a happy and healthy 2013.



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4 thoughts on “This year!

  1. Great entry Kimber and Happy New Year! I’m really glad you put my favorite photo from your cycling adventure in your slide show. 🙂 I will put some feelers out into the (limited) academic/international community that I know. Love to you from snowy Mendon!

  2. Your recap of the year with such diverse destinations is great, Kimberly. You’ll probably
    top them in ’13? Like Aunt Suzy I’ll inquire in my limited academic circle for job openings. Wherever you go you will be an asset. Love and happiness in this new year.

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