Weekend away

Oh, the joy of weekends starting on Wednesday night! I’m taking advantage of this long weekend and heading out of town with a friend. It’ll be great to escape the city and enjoy some time reading, listening to music and thinking. R&R at its best! What city, you ask? Well, it’s a tiny little place that most people (Chinese friends included) haven’t heard of… called Shaxi (沙溪). It’s about halfway between Lijiang and Dali, two uber touristy cities that I’m trying my best to avoid. It’ll take about 9 hours on three different busses to get there. I’m looking forward to enjoying the old-fashioned cobblestone paths, beautiful hikes, and peace and quiet of some country livin’.

One website claims that Shaxi is “the last unspoiled valley in China.” I’ll be sure to take pictures and post when I get back. Now I need to go pack!



3 thoughts on “Weekend away

  1. Have a good trip. Take lots of photos on your latest chinese adventure. I’m on my way to USA. Got free upgrade to economy+ but have middle seat:(

    Meg…Sent from my iPhone

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