It’s a small world (Hong Kong edition)

Another highlight of my trip to Hong Kong was meeting up with my high school guidance counselor/mentor/idol/woman extraordinare from International School Manila who now works at an international school in Hong Kong. It’s been seven years since we’ve seen each other, but we’ve managed to keep in touch over the years, and were able to pick up right where we left off. We sat and chatted for a few hours in a coffee shop, and as we were about to leave, two saleswomen came up to us and gave us a brochure for a new property opening up in Manila, Philippines. We told the women that we met in the Philippines, and asked where the new property (Trump Tower Manila!!!) would be located.

Coming soon to Manila’s skyline

“Kalayaan Avenue,” she said. I wondered why that sounded so familiar… Oh, the ISM old campus was on Kalayaan!!! Before I could say anything, she continued, “It will be on the old campus of the International School Manila.” What?!?! Our jaws dropped. I looked at the picture and tried to imagine how such a huge, gorgeous tower could take the place of my beloved middle school!

“We met at ISM many years ago,” my teacher said,”What a coincidence!”

After taking a little more, we found out that the property management company who is responsible for the new Trump Towers also designed the Essensa Apartments that both of us lived in for a while in the Philippines. It was such a crazy coincidence, and we couldn’t help but laugh. Such a small world! It was really funny to see things come full circle– everything connected back to Manila, where we first met!


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