Pizza! Pizza!

I had been “collecting” ingredients to make pizza for a while. Each time I went out to the store I bought something necessary for the big event. Olive oil and flour– good staples to have around the house. Cheese– can’t ever have enough (mozzarella, cheddar, feta and parmesan!). Pepperoni slices by my guests’ request. Fresh tomatoes– super ripe. Plenty of italian seasoning, and some fresh basil leaves too. The morning of the big bake off I had to run off to the import store near my house and buy yeast (it came in a huge bag that will be enough to make pizza every week for the next few months). The day before I thought I bought yeast at Carrefour… after using a dictionary to find the meaning of the word on the packaging, I found out that I had actually bought baking powder. Oops.

It was fun to make with friends, because we had lots of hands to help cook and clean. Pizza making can get messy! We ended up making enough dough for five pretty large pizzas, and stuffed ourselves silly. It might not have tasted just like “professional” pizza from a restaurant, but it was fresh and hot and just the right mix of crust, cheese and sauce. I hope to do this again soon!

Makin’ dough

Assembling the glorious pizzas

Bake, bake, bake!

Enjoying the fruits of our labor

Leftovers to go in a bag!


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