New Roommates

My new roommates- meet M and O. M is 26, French and lived for two years teaching French in Beijing before moving to Kunming to buckle down and study Chinese full time. O is 30, Chinese and used to teach Chinese to foreigners, but recently started teaching English to kiddos. They’ve both been amazing and I’m so happy that I lucked out with good roommates. They’ve slowly been changing some things around the apartment, making the space their own, and I’ve invested a little bit of time and money in improving the space too. I’m very happy with my decision to stay put in this apartment for year two in Kunming– it’s been nice to already have everything here, no packing/unpacking necessary.

It’s fun to have three people here, although we’re rarely all here at the same time due to work and scheduling conflicts. (Actually, that might be for the best– the kitchen gets crowded with more than one person!) Last week, we arranged a time to cook dinner together and chat, which was really fun. Conversation was a mix of Chinese and English, with some French words thrown in here and there. We discussed politics, higher education, healthcare and cooking– all from each of our own unique cultural perspectives. Very interesting!

To eat, I made pasta and marinara sauce (from scratch!), O made some Chinese dishes: cucumber and egg soup, stir fried greens, and stir fried egg and tomato, and for dessert, M made a delicious chocolate mousse layered with fresh mango. I’m already looking forward to the next time we can cook together!


They made fun of me for looking so “American” while wearing my UVA tshirt hahaha

I hope she keeps making delicious desserts!


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