More Good Eats!

Meal starts out by munching on some sweet sunflower seeds. Not sure why they taste sweet, maybe they are soaked in something? Or maybe they are a special variety?

Yunnan goat cheese (very dense and mild) stir fried with tomato

Super skinny green beans deep fried with lots of spice! (and probably tons of MSG)

Meaty red beans coated in a salty/spicy mix and deep fried. My all-time favorite Yunnan dish. This is what I will crave when I leave China!

Little beef skewers (on toothpicks!) on a bed of crispy mint.

..And just in case you think that everything I eat here is deep fried… here’s a lunch I had with a friend today from an amazing Buddhist vegetarian restaurant. A variety of vegetables cooked in 麻辣汤, an amazingly flavor-filled spicy broth. We had two different kinds of tofu, radish balls, mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, a potato-like tuber, and lotus root (white thing on top with holes in it). Totally hit the spot, and felt super healthy after eating lots of oily Chinese food.


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