Good eats!

I’ve had some great food to eat recently… I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’.

TCBY! In the Beijing aiport?!? The stand at the Detroit airport closed, and I was super bummed that my “welcome back to America TCBY stop” was not possible. But i got a little taste before my flight from Beijing to Kunming.

The cure for a cold, rainy day- grilled cheese and tomato soup (Campbell’s no less!)

Dumplings! And more dumplings!


Dirty little restaurant with great food. The red peppers cooked in a balsamic vinegar-like sauce were amazing. And I don’t even like red peppers! Grilled chicken wings also got high points. Washed down with some of China’s best water, I mean, beer. 

Best salad in Kunming with my favorite freshly baked bread.

A Yunnan specialty- fresh mushroom hotpot. We ordered about ten different kinds of mushrooms (some poisonous if you don’t cook them long enough!) They stew for a while in the broth, then later you can add other, more traditional hot pot stuff like thinly sliced beef, potatoes, and other veggies. Pull them out with your chopsticks and dip in your own, personal dipping sauce and enjoy. Delicious!

I’ve also been cooking a fair amount at home using my new burner! We got the gas bottle delivered and set up, so I don’t have to cook on a hot plate anymore. Bonus: The gas range brand is “好太太“ translation: “Good wife.” Hahahaha

We’ve also found space for our monstrous new oven on the kitchen countertop. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t used it yet! But my roommate made apple tarts the other night, and has plans for many more French pastries. Miam miam!


3 thoughts on “Good eats!

  1. I have oven-envy!!! I think I’m buying one next month, after I get my professional development money. Heh, heh. Then be prepared for open oven warfare!!!!

    BTW, love the sentence: Dirty little restaurant with great food. Sounds like a song or a band name 😉

  2. I was able to snag this oven from an expat food critic who was going back to the US. Hoping some of her cooking/baking skills came along with the oven!

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