Happy Anniversary!

When we’re back in Pennsylvania, I love driving by the restaurant where my parents met. I wonder if the two high school seniors who met there could have predicted that they’d be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with each other in Bangkok, Thailand!

I find it amazing that my mom and dad were able to date for six (not sure exactly??) years while attending different colleges, then get married and drive across the country to start a life in Texas. Their marriage has lasted throughout five different countries, more than 12 houses, and most importantly, three children! Yet they still take the time to go on romantic weekend getaways, call each other nicknames, sign emails “Love, Me” and support each other in everything that they do.

I am proud to call them my parents, and only hope that someday I can have a marriage like theirs!

On their wedding day

The fam

My most recent picture of them, celebrating my mom's birthday on their trip to Yunnan


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. I love that you had a picture of them from their wedding. Thanks for sharing their anniversary with us.

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