Spring Festival Recap 2012: Birthday in Bangkok, Biking and Borneo

Sorry to leave you hangin’ dedicated readers! I’ve been back in Kunming since early February and haven’t been devoting enough attention to my blog. The good news is that I’ve been having a great time here, the bad news is that I have so many stories to tell you…. I don’t know how I’ll manage to tell them all! I guess I’ll start back at the beginning of the year. Here’s a quick photo recap of some of my travels during our January/February Chinese New Year holiday. (You can check back at older posts for more on my biking adventure)

Mangoes and sticky rice in Bangkok. One of my favorite foods of all time!

My 24th birthday was clearly a very lively affair. At one point we played the least rowdy game of beer pong you've ever seen (on the dining room table, on top of the table cloth...). I was happy to celebrate with some friends visiting from China.

After biking, I spent some time near the beach in Malaysia. Some things there reminded me lots of the Philippines-- like this excellent seafood with calamanci (little green citrus fruit)!

Hiking around the base of Mt. Kinabalu on Malaysian Borneo

I'm at my happiest in flip flops! For three days, I lounged on this beach with my friend Eric. Best kept secret of Borneo if you ask me. We had the entire beach (and hotel) to ourselves... at US$40 a night it wasn't really in a backpacker's budget, but what.a.steal!

Gorgeous sunset at the beach in Borneo. After this I returned back to Kunming refreshed and revitalized 🙂


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