Day 9 recap: Karst, Cliffs, and More Clouds

…But not so many clouds we couldn’t see some spectacular views today. We only rode 21km today, a welcome half-day after the tiring climbs of the past few days. We still had to zigzag our way up out of Đong Van but then we were traversing a mountainside for the rest of the way before our descent into Meo Vac, our final stop in the “frontier area” (as signs repeatedly warned us) before heading back towards Ha Giang, and then Hanoi. No sun today, and not even a minuscule slice of blue sky, but at least the fog didn’t obscure all of the karst peaks that loomed above and around us. It was a singular cycling experience, indeed.

Tomorrow morning we plan to head back to Ha Giang with our bikes strapped to the roof of bus, if all goes well. Unfortunately our schedule doesn’t allow us time to cycle all the way back to where we started, but we do plan to pedal part of the way back. It feels strange to know that the hardest section of our route is now behind us. And we have not encountered any major mechanical or physical problems! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for our last four days.







2 thoughts on “Day 9 recap: Karst, Cliffs, and More Clouds

  1. Once again we are enjoying your pictures. What a great trip you girls have done. Can’t believe your legs have held up with all those mountains. What a great adventure. Love you, Grandmom

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