Day 5 recap: We put on sunglasses!

Guest post by Margaret today! Check out the pictures at the bottom.

We had our first day of truly beautiful weather. Check out this blue sky coming into Ha Giang.

We only cycled around 15k today because we had to stop here to get a permit for the border regions near China, and the next step is a big climb over Quan Ba pass — with no hotels until over the top, apparently.

We knew from multiple sources that we would need a permit to continue north, but actually getting it was not so easy given our inability to speak Vietnamese. After stopping in a couple places and showing various uniformed officials a picture of the permit, we finally found someone who had us follow him on his motorbike to the right office. Twenty dollars later, we had ourselves an official looking piece of paper.

Now that we’ve finished our business, we’re sitting in a cafe, enjoying Vietnamese coffee (we have all afternoon to wait for it to drip) and waiting for our laundry to dry. The prospect of dry laundry is extremely exciting as we’ve been carrying wet clothing for what seems like days now. Our hotel even has clotheslines!

Wish us luck for the hard part of our trip, about to begin tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “Day 5 recap: We put on sunglasses!

  1. Hey you too are making me serious jealous. Your trip is sounding awesome and your making great time. Glad you got your permits and good luck with the mountains. I’ll keep following with an ever growing sense of envy!

    FYI – you can make a front mudguard similar to the design in the link. Get yourself a large plastic bottle (1.5-2 litres) cut it in half length ways, make holes to suit the frame size of your bike then tie it on with whatever you have to hand. It will stop stuff from flying of your bottom wheel into your face. Trim it down as required.

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    We were told that bitter tea was common in Hanoi, but not in other areas. I had tea there & in other regions & found it true for us on our trip.
    We stopped for coffee at a cafe so we could try the 3 layered coffee like I saw in your photo. It was fun to try, but a little sweet for more than 1 time.
    We were told that Vietnam is currently the second largest producer of coffee beans in the world.
    How is the traffic for biking? The roads are narrow. Do you get enough room on the edge?
    I wish you sunshine for the rest of the trip.

    Aunt Noreen

  3. I try to wear my sunglasses all the time-no matter what the season is. Bright lights tend to hurt my eyes. Glad the weather is brightening up for you!

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