Day 3 recap: We’re doing well

We left Dai Tu this morning with a hearty breakfast of Banh my (baguette) filled with scrambled eggs and sweet sausage. As I pumped up my tires a bit, a crowd formed. They were all buzzing with excitement and word spread that we were heading ultimately for Ha Giang. Biking this morning went well, we were making good time and reached Tuyen Quang for lunch (about 57 km). We ate bun bo (rice noodle soup with beef) and found some cake and custard puffs to accompany our afternoon coffee. We also found wifi! Riding in the afternoon was good but a little slower (for me at least!) but we made good time with lots of downhill sections and only gradual climbs. We’ve settled down in our room for the night in Ham Yen. Including cycling around town in search of a cheaper hotel, we did over 100 km today and are very proud! No problems with bikes or bodies yet, except some sore butts and quads. Nothing a little Western medicine and a good nights sleep can’t cure.


Some of our scenery today.


Margaret riding through a little town today. Check out her improvised mud guard!


We started in the bottom right corner (off the map- Hanoi) and have done the highlighted section so far. We’re headed for the scary looking mountainous section on the top left of the map.


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