Hot springs on a winter day

Last weekend, I went on a 40 K bike ride out of Kunming to the nearby city of Anning where I steamed myself in natural “Japanese-style” hot springs, got a thorough body scrub and a relaxing foot massage. It was one jam-packed day of fun with friends. My roommate Jess wrote a great narrative of the days’ adventures, so I’ll leave you with a few pictures here and direct you over to her blog for more details.

Sleepy faces about to set out on Sunday morning. Me, Dan, Arleigh, Sander

After arriving at the hotsprings, the girls have a mini-photoshoot waiting for Dan and Sander.

This is it. Families, floaties, robes and slippers galore.

This is what we looked at while soaking in the hot springs.

Dan and Sander express their disapproval for the rose-scented pool

To get home, we loaded our bikes on a bus and rode that back to Kunming because it was getting dark. We rolled into Salvador’s (coffee shop/Western restaurant) and I finished off my day with an amazing smoothie and huge salad. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day. I slept well that night.


4 thoughts on “Hot springs on a winter day

  1. It looks really great.
    2 days ago it was 5 degrees with wind chill.
    It is now 29 degrees with snow.
    I’m fine with it, but the hot springs could make me jealous later in the season.

    Aunt Noreen

  2. Sewon- the english muffin sandwich is from Prague Cafe on Wenlin Jie. You can get just the sandwich for 15 kuai, or get it in a combo with a latte for 28 (i think). Mmm!
    Aunt Noreen- I don’t envy you! Stay warm!

  3. Glad to see we didn’t scar you from that bike ride last summer in the Pocs! As I recall that bike didn’t really fit you and the ride was a bit longer than you had anticipated. Those hot springs sound glorious! Love to you!

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