Chinglish Notebooks

For my American Literature class, my students are required to keep a reading response journal to chronicle their thoughts and feelings about the different texts that we read. It’s been interesting for me to hear their takes on The Declaration of Independence, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I’m really trying to encourage them to state their opinions and think critically about what they read, rather than just answering a bunch of comprehension questions.

Recently, I collected their notebooks to grade their journals. As I was sifting through the pile, I was pleasantly surprised with their writing, but also very entertained by their notebooks. You see, almost every notebook had some sort of English phrase that made absolutely no sense. Chinglish is at it’s finest when accompanied by random pictures, so these notebooks hit the jackpot. I whipped out my camera and began photographing the best ones. Enjoy!

How poetic! "The uneven ground and dragging white feather, have webbed feet with dry friction"

A New Semester at Clown School...

Let my heart fly. All my heart, all the time!

Have you been to the land of happy?

When you sing you begin with do-re-mi

Happy Everyday To You

Life is Yours: You should desire to live according to their own (accompanied by cute sheep)

Storage Memory (sent by Express Mail)

Beauty that beggars description

Picture you're the queen of everything

Wayfaring stranger

Give you comfortable feeling for writing. (At least this is related to writing...)

Love and friendship: Sharing the prejudice of experience (?!?!)

Boss Kkasi: Toread wants everyone's happiness (That cat does not look very happy!)

Long Random Wind (Possibly my favorite-- read the cheesy words below too!)

Great Diary: It is brutal to catch sight of T's character dance really... (I need to meet this T fella...)

…And these are only pictures from ONE class! I have plenty more notebooks to read through and laugh at. I think someday I’d like to work for a company that makes these notebooks and see the process that goes into deciding what Chinglish phrases should appear on the cover.


One thought on “Chinglish Notebooks

  1. A fellow teacher and I were just admiring some “poetry” Tinglish the other day. We are living synchronicity lives yellow today when walking by side you! 😀

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