Halloween Through the Years

COLLEGE: Roxana and I were part of a group that did "Zombie Village People" and Ashley was a (mad) scientist

DALIAN (last year): We had a good group of costumes. Two cowboys, a "party animal," yin and yang, a zombie, an 80s dancer, a Chinese basketball player... and yours truly, Paul the Octopus (from the World Cup)

KUNMING (this year): This year was a little more low key in terms of costumes. I had the perfect "I'm in a costume but it doesn't really look like it" costume. I was watching Parks & Rec (American TV show) and saw that one of the characters was an eggplant. A purple sweater and a little green leaf on top, and voila, costume done.

I think being an eggplant in China is even more fun for two reasons. 1. Chinese people cook eggplant in awesome ways here. (You’ve gotta try 鱼香茄子). It’s one of my favorite vegetables now. 2. When Chinese people are smiling for a picture, they don’t say “Cheese” (because that’s in English). Instead they say “Qie zi” (pronounced chyeah-z). What does qie zi mean, you ask? EGGPLANT! So when people would ask me what I was, I would smile, put up my peace sign and pretend like I was posing for a photo. I thought it was pretty witty!

Time is flying by here. I’ve already given midterms in my classes, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (aka our super long Spring Festival holiday in January).


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