If this blog is not fulfilling all of your China-related reading desires… then look no further than some of my friends who are keeping awesome blogs. (Click on the links in this post, or in the future, click on the links on the righthand side of the page.)

Blonde in Xi’an Jen is a fellow Wahoo and first year teacher at a high school in Xi’an (you know, where those Terracotta warriors are buried). She updates her blog regularly with her adventures traveling and teaching. My favorite entries so far have been her stories about things that happen in class, like this awesome role play where WWF-style fighting commences midway through the performance. She also has a lot of awesome pictures, like the one below, entitled “Families on Bikes: Edition 1.” (This is pretty much an everyday sight in China, I should try and capture a few similar pictures to add to her collection.)

Have, Chopsticks will Travel My roommate Jess worked as a freelance editor before coming to China, so she knows what makes a good read. “The Probable Misadventures of an American Girl In China” is the subheading of her blog, and Jess has encountered quite a few (mis)adventures since arriving in Kunming. My favorite post so far is about how she overstayed her visa (on accident!) and had to go to the police station and write an apology to China. Her first draft wasn’t apologetic enough, so she had to make a little addendum at the end. Never a dull moment!

Dan Goes to China and Blogs About It Dan is one of my coworkers and lives across the street from me. You might remember him from an earlier post when we went to Tiger Leaping Gorge together. His posts about living in China are witty and well-written.  I’m particularly a fan of his post that talks about his first two weeks in Kunming,

“After staggering onto the airport bus that would take me from the plane to the main terminal in Kunming, one of the first things I saw was a Chinese man wearing a John Deer cap and a Barcelona jersey.  At that moment, I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me teaching these people about American culture.” 

Halfie on the Mainland Margaret, my good friend and roommate from last year in Dalian, has moved out to the wild, wild western Chinese province of Xinjiang. She’s written a few great posts about her travels in southern Xinjiang (near the border with Pakistan). She doesn’t post super-often, but it’s about quality, not quantity, right? Check out this quality picture from  her blog below!

Where is Matty? My friend Matt was traveling around Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos) and decided that after arriving in Kunming, he wanted to settle down for a bit, work (replenish his bank account) and enjoy all that China has to offer. He signed up for a homestay, and lived with a Chinese family while tutoring their son in English. He’s got some great stories, including when he went on holiday with his host family.

Happy reading, folks! Check back for another entry from me this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I read Dan’s blog about your trip to Tiger Leaping Gorge. LOL like cousin Ned! especially the part about the van ride back to Kunming. His observations and articulation of humor in ordinary situations is great but there is no way to leave a comment so you will have to pass this on to him. OXOX

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