Happy day(s)

I can’t get over how amazing the weather is here. I know that lots of people suffer from seasonal depression, but I think lately I’ve been suffering from seasonal elation! (Does that even make sense?) The sky has been bright blue, and the air just cool enough to require a sweater, and the sun has been out in full force. I wish you could see outside my window right now.

On Saturday I started drafting a post that I never finished, so I’ll let you read it below…

Today I’m feeling good. I started my morning with some breakfast (crunchy peanut butter on fresh wheat bread), coffee and catching up with my favorite shows on Hulu. It was cool and sunny outside, and I decided to go shopping for my Halloween costume. Chinese people don’t really celebrate Halloween, but there were plenty of other people out shopping on their Saturday afternoon. The crowds didn’t really bother me (a sure sign that I’m in a good mood). I popped in and out of small stores having ridiculous sales (50+% off), ate a cheap lunch and wandered around the streets. Maybe wandering isn’t the right word. It was more like slowly parading along with a crowd of people, shoulder to shoulder, squeezing along a small sidewalk that was filled with vendors set up with their wares, partially obstructing the sidewalk. They sell everything from cheap-o necklaces (Full disclosure: I bought one!), scarves, socks, slippers, watches, toys etc. I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to be set up on the sidewalk, because every so often a policeman comes along, and they scurry to pack up their belongings. It seems like they scoop up all of their stuff and wait for the police to leave, then lay it back down right in the same spot. Oh, China, sometimes I just don’t understand you. I’ll have to investigate this phenomenon further (as well as provide you with some pictures).

Kunming is a very walkable city, and after a short distance, I ended up downtown at an open square surrounded by stores. Clothing shopper’s heaven! After finding the key component of my costume (a purple sweater) I sat down in a very busy Starbucks and graded some papers. All in all, a productive day that ended in a fun night out with friends to celebrate Halloween. I’ll have to post a picture of us in costume later, because I don’t have my camera right now.


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