Why did the tiger cross the gorge?

You’ll have to look it up to find out.

I have a week off of work for China’s national holiday and I’m planning to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) with a friend. We’re taking an overnight bus (my first!) to Lijiang (丽江) in northwestern Yunnan province. Then we have to take another bus to the beginning of the gorge, and from there we will mosey our way along the trail, hopefully catching some breathtaking views and taking lots of pictures along the way. I’m really excited to get out and see some of rural Yunnan, although I’ve been warned that the crowds will be crazy due to the holiday. Hopefully, since we are planning on doing the actual hike (versus riding a tour bus through the gorge) we won’t encounter as many mobs. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I get back.


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