Yummy Treats

I’ve been spending my free time wandering around my neighborhood in Kunming. The street that I live on is filled with open-air, Western-style cafes and restaurants. They are are filled with wonderful pizza, pasta, paninis and pastries (and have free wifi). However, they aren’t very friendly to my wallet. After spending a summer in the US and paying for six months of my rent upfront in Kunming, I’ve managed to wipe out most of my savings. A coffee or drink at most of the cafes is 10-20 kuai, which sounds great, until it keeps adding up. Some freshly-baked bread one morning, a salad for lunch the next, a coffee in the evening while I’m lesson planning, and a cookie for dessert and I’ve already racked up 50 kuai, which is enough to live on for a week if I only ate Chinese food….

Perfect caramel latte at Vintage Cafe on Wen Lin Jie... and some internet research about how to kill wasps

The good news is that I’ve also discovered the local market and started making friends with some of the vendors. The lady who I buy vegetables from has a really strong accent, and I can barely understand her. She smiles a lot though! I bought tofu the other day, and realized as I was walking home that it was actually stinky tofu (a local delicacy that I do not find appetizing in the least). Oops. I also stumbled upon a place that sells these awesome little pumpkin fritters. They were piping hot, chewy and just the slightest bit sweet. The best part: two for 1 kuai. Now we’re talkin’…

Perfect Fall snack


One thought on “Yummy Treats

  1. Ughh, pumpkin fritters look so delicious! Great job keeping up on the writing, Kim, you’re a real inspiration for me! Been really enjoying reading 🙂

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