Home sweet home!

Hello everyone. This is Kimfucius reporting from Kunming! (Kim in Kunming has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) House hunting in China was a fun and crazy experience. Basically Jess and I wandered around different areas of the city where we might want to live, found tiny real estate offices, walked in and asked if they had anything that fit our criteria. We must have seen eight or more different apartments on the first day. Some were downright disgusting, and some were beautiful but not practical. It was excellent Chinese practice for me, and I was surprised how much I understood and was able to communicate after not speaking Chinese for over a month. When we finally found the apartment we wanted, the negotiations began. We bargained down the price of the apartment (well below our housing allowance given by the university) and then went to the ATM to withdraw six months worth of rent, plus the agent’s fee, plus the security deposit. That’s easily the most cash I’ve ever held at one time! Signing the contract and handing over the money went well, and we had a walk-through of the apartment where we showed the landlord things that needed to be fixed. The agent had dealt with foreigners before, and was very patient with me, speaking slowly and repeating things in different words if I didn’t understand. The day after we had signed off on everything, I found this informative post that summarizes the house hunting process pretty well.

One of the best parts of the new apartment is that the previous tenants (two Filipino guys here studying Chinese) left behind all of their stuff. This means that we haven’t really had to buy much for the apartment. We also had a lot of fun digging through closets filled with all sorts of random knick-knacks.

Who doesn't love some Pikachu bedding?

Some used men's slippers, perhaps?

Cute little cacti pot


A charming old wooden trunk

A map of the Philippines! It's fate!

Best comfortable sleep? I wouldn't go that far... but it's a place to sleep

A mattress topper... in case your "comfortable" mattress isn't comfortable enough

After spending a few days “playing house,” cleaning, and setting things up, Jess and I have finally made the space our own.

Standing at the front door, looking at the living room. I love the funky orange lamp! The sofas are remarkably comfortable, and we've already used the cable and DVD player.

Kitchen- with all of the plates, dishes and appliances that need cleaning. Sadly, there's no gas range, so I'll have to get creative with how I cook.

Guest bedroom. Waiting for YOU to come visit!

Bathroom- definitely a little rough around the edges, but it'll do. The washing machine is on the left behind the door.

One wall of my bedroom. I'm loving my little vanity!

Plenty of awesome storage

More closet space!

Nightstand with map of the Philippines and pictures from Charlottesville and Bangkok. All of my homes in one place!

And the most shocking part of my new room-- a giant wasps nest right outside my window. It's the size of a beach ball! (Someone is coming to remove it this week. I don't think I want to be there for that!)

The biggest wasps I've ever seen. They are entertaining to watch, but I'll sure be glad when they're gone...

Oh, did I mention that we live on the 8th floor? No elevator. Hooray for toned legs and buns of steel in 2011!


6 thoughts on “Home sweet home!

  1. Ooo your new apartment looks so cute~ I like the orange lamp too! It definitely speaks Kim! And that wasp nest… oh my gosh, it’s HUGEEEE!! I guess the other tenants never cared about it? Eeek~

  2. Enjoyed the pictures of your apt. Looks very cute. Glad you girls were able to find a place and get settled in. We use to have a empty wasp nest on our enclosed front porch many years ago. Made for a lot of conversation.

  3. Oh my god your place is so nice! Nothing beats the best bathroom in all of China, but your current bathroom is definitely nicer than my laundry-shower-toilet room. Can’t wait to visitttt!

  4. Woah! That is one heck of a nest! It is nice reading about what you are Kimber. Love to you from the Mendon Farrells!!!

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