U-S-A! (I’m back)

When my plane touched down in Newark I was surprised how much I enjoyed the big blue sky that greeted me. On the drive to PA I was struck by the beautiful sunset.  As much as I love living in China, I was eager to get back and enjoy the comforts of “home.” I’ve been enjoying little things that I didn’t realize I missed (like the sunset and sky).

Hands down the best thing about being back is my family. Patrick picked me up from the airport and I didn’t criticize his driving once. We had a great time catching up and I didn’t even mind that he “welcomed” me by playing the latest American rap the whole way home. My mom and I snuggled on the sofa while I showed her how to do things on Facebook (she’s pretty savvy, but still needs help). We watched TV together and she laughed at every commercial (“They’re better than the TV shows!”) Ben showered me with hugs and reminded me (yet again) that he is my “big” brother. He’s gotten even bigger since I last saw him six months ago, if that’s possible. My dad’s in Connecticut right now, but when he gets here, I’m sure we’ll resume our routine of morning walks where he tries to help me figure out my future. I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of other Farrells and Sines in the coming weeks.

Other things I’m loving right now include Honey Nut Cheerios (my first meal), soft Kleenex tissues, tap water, fluffy towels, a squishy mattress, birds chirping, butterscotch brownies, all of the clothes that I left behind, a huge washer and dryer, and the peace and quiet of the Poconos.


2 thoughts on “U-S-A! (I’m back)

  1. Welcome home Kimberly, Can’t wait to see you soon. Noticed you didn’t have Perogies listed as one of your missed foods. We will have to enjoy them together. Love You, Grandmom.

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