Summer Days in Dalian

A beautiful day at Xinghai Park 星海公园 spent reading (and getting a sunburn)

When I got back from Seoul, I thought I would just be in Dalian for a few days and then I would set off on an exciting, unscripted, adventure-filled vacation around northeast China. I decided that after few days of decompressing in Dalian, I’d be ready to pack up and move on. A few days turned into a week, and here I am, still in Dalian. I’ve been enjoying this slow pace of life, sleeping in late, watching movies on my computer, cleaning the apartment, and packing. I’ve made more than a few trips to the milk tea lady nearby for afternoon treats. Slowly but surely, I’ve been checking things off my to do list. Today after saying goodbye to Margaret (who left to teach English to some factory workers in a small town a few hours away) I made breakfast and thought about what I wanted to do today. It’s overcast and is threatening to rain, but I think I’m going to venture downtown to shop for some souvenirs and check out a new coffee shop while I plan out some of my travels for the next two weeks.

As for my travel plans, well, they’ve changed a bit recently. Due to a misunderstanding about my visa for next year, I’m going to have to make a trip down to Kunming. I’m planning to fly and bring  a huge suitcase worth of stuff that I’ll store there. There’s no sense in bringing all of my junk to the US and back again. I’m also going to meet my bosses, get to know the city and hopefully do a little apartment hunting. Although it wasn’t originally part of my plan, I think it makes sense.

Until then, I’m enjoying my last few lazy days in Dalian.

This summer in the US I'll miss the fruit stands lining the street near my house, open late every day of the week

Watermelons are in season now!


2 thoughts on “Summer Days in Dalian

  1. You enjoy every moment you have there. Bring us lots of those beautiful and interesting picture. I have enjoyed the ride along with you. Looking forward to hearing all about it from you. Hope the weather stays nice so you can enjoy the remaining part of your vacation.

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