Cherry Picking

I’ve picked strawberries, apples and pumpkins before, but never cherries. Last weekend I had the chance to go cherry picking with some other foreign English teachers and staff at DUT. We drove about 45 minutes outside the city to what seemed like someone’s backyard.

This was very much a family-run business. Our cherry tree "farm" was on a little side street tucked beside their house

There were about 20-30 cherry trees full of perfectly ripe, plump, unblemished cherries that we could eat right off the tree. (I tried not to think about all of the pesticides that must have been used to keep them in such perfect condition…)

Margaret doing a taste test

Too much of a good thing isn’t good, and my stomach started to feel a little funky after I inhaled a few too many sweet treats. However, Margaret and I loaded up a bucket full of fruit to take home, all the while talking about our plans for baking a cherry apple crumble.

The "American" cherries tasted the best

But we also tried some of the Japanese cherries that were yellowy-orange. The owners told us that they still needed another week to ripen, so we didn't pick very many of them.

After we filled our bucket with cherries, we huddled around the weighing station with everyone in our group. DUT graciously paid for each of us to get 2 jin (1 kilo?) of free cherries.

It took forever to settle how much everyone had to pay...typical Chinese chaos

On the way home, we stopped at a quiet beach nearby. The water looked clean and inviting, despite being pretty cold. We all agreed that it would be a nice place to return for a quiet and relaxing day at the beach.

Semi-bluish water! Am I in China?

And that cherry apple crumble that I mentioned earlier? Yes, we made it. And yes, it tasted just as good as we imagined it would. Now all the cherries that we picked are gone, but I think I’m going to buy some more soon.


2 thoughts on “Cherry Picking

  1. Hi David, Welcome to Dalian! Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately, I’m leaving Dalian soon because I will be teaching in Kunming soon. I hope your son is able to continue his English studies.

  2. Hi Kim, thanks for the reply. could you please delete my message? Thank you and have a nice trip to Kunming.

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