Interesting reads

Check out my friend Dan’s blog for some great pictures of life in China. (I just recently added a link to his blog on the righthand side of my homepage.)

Dan's latest picture, captioned "Frank never was any good at strip poker."

Diana, a friend who I travelled with in Thailand and Laos, recently wrote a great post wrapping up her year in China. She lists some of the Chinese “fashion lessons” she’s learned, as well as some of her favorite moments in the classroom, and things that she’ll miss about China. (Some of her Chinese fashion “dos” include, “If you’re a man with a beer belly, wearing your sweat-stained T-shirt tucked on top of your protruding abdomen is the way to go,” and “More is always better.  Sequins, lace, glitter, and fake jewels can and should belong in the same outfit, preferably along with Spongebob Squarepants or Hello Kitty socks.” You have to go read the rest for yourself.

There’s also a great post on the blog “Lost Laowai” (lost foreigner) that offers some advice for Chinese students going abroad. It’s full of “inside jokes” that any English teacher in China will find hilarious.

Lastly, fellow China dorks should definitely check out NPR’s special series on China’s growing investments around the world.

Explore China's Global Reach using this interactive map on NPR


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