Grading Fun

I’m thiiiiis close to finishing all of my grading for this semester. I learned a lot from the fiasco that was grading last semester, and let’s just say that it has been a lot less stressful this time around. It has even been borderline enjoyable. I love the satisfaction of looking at a complete, beautifully color-coded excel spreadsheet.

Exhibit A

I bumped into David at the office today. His writing classes had to put together a newspaper for their final project. One group seemed to believe that bigger is always better. How can you not enjoy grading massive newspapers with names like DUT The Greatest?

One of my secrets to successful grading is switching up my location. Sometimes I work at the desk in my room, sometimes in my office at DUT, and sometimes at coffee shops or restaurants nearby. About two minutes away from my apartment there is a quaint little milk tea shop with the sweetest owner. One of my favorite grading incentives is a creamy, cool & chewy pearl milk tea (for only 3 kuai!). It’s convenient and cheap, and they have tables set up outside so I can enjoy the beautiful weather. Lately I’ve been forcing myself to try new things on the menu, and the mango milk tea is hard to beat. Imagine fresh mango, black tea, and milk blended together with some chewy glutinous balls, sucked up through a thick straw. Wait, that doesn’t sound delicious to you? Trust me, it’ll only take one sip to change your mind! I’m a strong believer in motivational “treats” and I find that my productivity drastically increases when I’m sipping on a 芒果珍珠奶茶. I have to restrain myself from getting one every day…

This is one of the things that I will miss most when I leave Dalian (the milk tea... not grading essays!)


4 thoughts on “Grading Fun

  1. So glad for you that the grading this time around is more enjoyable. Plus you can get yourself some good sweets to help you pass the time. Enjoy and have fun. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. That’s almost exactly what my spreadsheet for my grades looks like. Nice.
    I was in Qinhuangdao for 3 1/2 years, just came back in order to return to school. Turns out your aunt is my professor at UMUC. Anyways, hi. 🙂

  3. Hi Tim. Thanks so much for your comment. It’s a small world! Is it worth traveling to Qinhuangdao for a few days? I’m planning a trip around northeastern China, and might be able to stop there for a little bit.

  4. Qinhuangdao is a nice place. The city is filled with basically nothing to do (and no hostels that I know of), but places like Beidaihe, Shanhaiguan, and Zu Shan are all worth seeing. Shanhaiguan has the most stuff in one place, including Laolongtao, which is where the Great Wall ends (or begins?) at the sea. The mostly fresh air (compared to inland areas) is something that makes Qinhuangdao nice. Let me know if you’re gonna head there and I can give some tips. 🙂

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