Making Zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival

端午节快乐!Happy Dragon Boat Festival! I recently made some zongzi (粽子) with Sadie, one of the students I that I tutor. Zongziis glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves and steamed. It can have various fillings, but in the north it usually contains a date or some red bean paste. It is typically eaten to celebrate the Dragon Boat festival, although I love them so much that I could eat them year round. They are a bit of a hassle to make, but I did my best, and had some guidance from Sadie’s grandmother, who has made zongzi for many, many years.

Sadie forming a cone with the reed leaves and filling it with sticky rice

Putting in a red date with the help of Sadie's adorable grandmother

The wrapping stage is the most difficult

After wrapping the zongzi, you tie it off with a long piece of some kind of leaf. This is my slightly misshapen finished product, ready to be steamed.

Mmmm, unwrap the leaves, add a little bit of sugar, and then sink your teeth into the ooey gooey awesomeness. (This is a red bean zongzi that Margaret was given.)

The reason why Chinese eat zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival is really interesting. Read about the story here.


5 thoughts on “Making Zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival

  1. Whoa, cool, I made zong zi with a couple of my Chinese friends for 端午节 too! Wrapping really is the hardest part!

  2. Daniel! I’m so glad that you’ve been reading my blog. Margaret told me about all of the fun you guys had in Taigu. In August I’ll be in northeastern PA and Margaret said you’ll be in NYC, so we should definitely plan to meet up!

  3. You have met so many people and experienced so many things during this year. I’m glad you will be able to continue absorbing the culture of China for another year. Your resume will be awesome!
    Love and hugs, Aunt Jane

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