Teaching: Sick day

When I rolled over and looked out the window this morning, it was grey and overcast. A closer look confirmed it was raining. Hard. Ugh. Last night at dinner my stomach was in knots and it still hadn’t completely settled. I tossed back and forth in bed, not wanting to leave my warm cocoon.

Then, an idea popped into my head. Cancel class. My stomach was bothering me, so it wasn’t completely unfounded. Plus, my Monday classes are one week ahead of the rest of my classes anyways. Perfect. I haven’t had to cancel or reschedule any classes yet this semester. Decision made. Done. Now I just had to text my class monitors so that they could pass on the word to everyone. And pass on the word, they did. As soon as I had settled back into bed, my phone started buzzing with new text messages. Concerned students were barraging me me well wishes. Three hours later, they’re still trickling in. Here’s a selection of a few of my favs.

This is Carter. I heard you ill. I am sorry to hear that. I wish you a speedy recovery from your illness! 🙂

Health return soon. Happiness can defeat the illness. Owen

Sorry that you’re sick… Have a nice sleep and drink more water 🙂 Hope you get better… Sophia

The happier, the better health. Have a nice day!

Dear Kim, I hope that I don’t disturb you. Have a good rest and have some porridge, I think you will be better soon *^^* (I think that’s a crying emoticon)

Good morning dear Kim I’m Dickie. I’m sorry to hear that there is something wrong with you. I hope you will be better soon. Best wishes to you!

Hi Kim, I feel very sorry about your illness. May you recover soon. Be happy 🙂

Hi Kim, am Viola. Cheer up! We r concerning about u, and u will b better very soon! Have a good rest!

Hi, teacher Kim, I have heard that you don’t feel well these days. I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can have a good rest in these days and recover soon. We are all waiting to see you again. 

I’m sure that some of their sentiments are genuine, but I think they’re also really happy that I cancelled class. Nonetheless, their simple text messages really made me smile. It also made me realize that I’m really going to miss this guys when the semester is over. We only have four more weeks together.

Edit: I got one more gem. Hello, kim. I’m sorry to hear that you have a gold. May be you are too tired, so have a good rest and be happy! haha! ~~;)….. We both love you and we’ll be friends forever! Your family is not here but we’ll be your relatives and friends! Sleep more and have a good mood! We all looking forward you to coming back and your lovely smile!


One thought on “Teaching: Sick day

  1. Penna would like to also send you get well messages. Wonder if it was something you ate or if you had a bug. What ever it was sure hope your much better and on the mend. Love you.

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