I’m sorry for falling off the bandwagon in terms of posting lately. The past two weekends, we’ve had PiA visitors from Shenyang and Hangzhou. It was tons of fun having guests, but also pretty time consuming. I’ve also been practicing my football skills for the All Asia Games Gaelic tournament that’s going to be in Shanghai this weekend. In addition to that physical therapy, I’ve been doing a little retail therapy (two new dresses and two new pairs of shoes!) and found two more new coffee shops in Dalian. Grading, lesson planning, studying Chinese and puttering around on the Internet seem to suck up any extra free time.

Needless to say, lately I’ve been feeling a little bit like this guy.

Chinese soi dog on a street near my apartment

I’ve got some half-baked posts in the works, but I probably won’t be posting again until late next week. If you need some reading material in the meantime, check out the links to the right. Wish me the luck o’ the Irish for my Gaelic tournament!


2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Hope your “peil ghaelach” team wins. Love your newsy posts whenever they come. You always give me a chuckle!
    Aunt Anne

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