New blogs on the block

I got stuck in a food coma after my last two food-related posts. My apologies. Instead of writing a new post today I decided that I would just recommend a few other blogs that are worth checking out.

Life After Graduation: Glen’s Blog

Glen is one of Eric’s friends from college. After graduating from Elon, he worked a few odd jobs, but then Eric convinced him to come live in China. He’s been living in Dalian since February and teaching at a private English school. His recent post about hiring English teachers in China is absolutely hilarious…. (see below)

Would you hire this guy?

Travel Breeds Content: Daniel’s blog

I met Daniel when he slept on our couch for a night in January before taking off with Margaret for their trip to Seoul. He is one of Margaret’s friends from college, and currently teaches English at a university in Taigu, China. He is an excellent writer and his blog is pretty much a collection of short stories that could be published into an award-winning anthology. His latest post about failing students last semester captures some of the emotions associated with being a foreign English teacher in China.

Daniel with some of his students

Diana’s PiA blog

Diana is one of Matt’s college friends and a current PiA fellow in Wuhan, China. During our recent, two-month long holiday, Matt, Eric and I traveled with Diana and Kat (another PiA fellow in Shenyang, China) through Thailand and Laos. Her post about our stay in Vang Vieng is spot on. I would put a quote here, but every sentence is so well-written, I can’t decide which is the best to quote. Therefore, you’ll just have to go read it all yourself.

Travel buddies- Matt, Eric, me, Kat, and Diana

So, hopefully that reading material will make up for my lack of posts the last few days. Also, you might have noticed a trend in the above recommendations. If not, let me recap the three people’s blogs I mentioned: Eric’s friend from college, Margaret’s friend from college, Matt’s friend from college… So UVA peeps, where you at? Hmmm? China is calling!


2 thoughts on “New blogs on the block

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kim, you are fantastic!
    I really enjoy reading your blog too, so keep up the good work!

    p.s. I read your friend’s post about Vang Vieng and I felt exactly the same way too!

  2. Daniel, you are one of my blogging idols! Of course you deserved a shout out. Margaret makes fun of me because I read random blogs (usually written by people who I don’t know). I’m glad that I met you because now I don’t have to feel like such a creeper when I read your posts!

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