Chinglish, Part II

I guess they're not very modest.

Sea cucumber is a Dalian specialty. I'm not sure about ant islands.

From a sign at the Panda Conservation Center in Chengdu. I would hope that nobody tries to eat the pandas!

Would you like some socks to go with your soda? After all, "All the world's a stage." What?!?

In this case, the English actually matches the Chinese. However, I'm amused by the angry little corn kernel and his tuft of hair (on the Guangzhou Metro).

So where do the regular potatoes work?

Chinese stationary is full of awesome Chinglish. This is from a folder I use to organize my papers for class.

I love everything about this. The elephant, the girl's hair, the flying jeans...

If you enjoyed this, you should also revisit my original Chinglish post. I’ve seen some other signs recently that I really want to add, so this post might be updated again in a day or two. Check back for more!

Edit: Here’s another one!

I'd buy a house from them...

They're right about the mysterious part...


One thought on “Chinglish, Part II

  1. Who knew that Pepsi gave you socks? Thank for sharing all your signs and comments. I’m learning so much from you.

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