Chopstick Sanitizing Machine

It's magic!

China has a chopstick problem. Disposable chopsticks are the norm for many small restaurants or to-go food stalls. However, in a good number of established restaurants, plastic, reusable chopsticks are used, which I wholeheartedly support.

Margaret and I went to a restaurant near our apartment the other day and were given the choice between reusable or disposable chopsticks. We opted for the former, and snapped a picture of this super-cool “Chopstick Sanitizing Machine.” The owner was so happy that we took a picture, that she began to model it by pulling out fresh pairs of chopsticks. Then she offered to plug in the machine. So, wait… were our chopsticks actually sanitized if the machine wasn’t plugged in? I’m not sure.

We talked politely with the woman for a few minutes, and when she asked where we were from, I responded with my favorite line, “Guess!” She thought about it, guessed Russian (as most people usually do), and we shook our heads. She furrowed her brow, and guessed again, “Soviet?” (what!?! haha) After another minute of thinking, her third guess was British, and then she gave up. She asked me to take pictures of the restaurant and show them to people from America. So here it is folks, the menu of the wonton restaurant on the little food street near my apartment.

Basically you order your wontons from the menu, they pull them out of the freezer below and then cook them in the back. Chinese fast food!


One thought on “Chopstick Sanitizing Machine

  1. Kim! I love those “chopstick sanitizing machines!” Last year I almost always carried around my reusable metal chopsticks with me whenever we went out for meals, but this year, the restaurants have started to get better about waste management and doing away with disposable chopsticks. They have a couple of those machines at restaurants here in Taigu too. Something really cool and futuristic about them.

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