Giving Thanks ^-^

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! On Thursday night a bunch of foreign friends (from the US, Canada and England) got together at a nice hotel in downtown Dalian for a Thanksgiving buffet. I stuffed my face with the usual Thanksgiving fare– turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, salad and pumpkin soup. However, I also enjoyed chicken fajitas with guacamole, smoked salmon, a soft pretzel, and cheesecake… why not?

(L->R) Dan, John, Mariana, Eric, Matt, JFK, Jacqueline, Margaret, me, Judy, Edward, Russell

We went around the table and said something that we were thankful for, and of course the first thing that popped into my mind was that I’m thankful for my friends here. I was also thankful that Judy, an American who has taught at DUT for about ten years (and is a surrogate grandmother of sorts), invited us all to this special dinner. I’m thankful that I have this wonderful opportunity to teach in China, and thankful that my students are fun-loving, hardworking and thoughtful– like one of my students named Silly, who emailed me the message below.

Teacher Kim,
Today is Thanksgiving Day. I remember you said that the Chirstmas and Thankgiving Day were both times when all members of your family gathered. However, what about today?  Do you feel that it is a pity you can’t reunite with your family? Maybe a kind of, do you? ^-^
Today I wrote in my Speed Writing that I am thankful for my teathers,
among whom you are special. I really appreciate that I have a foreign teacher. You let me taste the different style of teaching. I was happy in the class time you spent with our students. Undoublely the hapiness is what I can’t gain in troditional English class.
Here is my sincere wish to you: Happy Thanksgiving Day, teacher Kim!

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