Extra reading

As I was reading through some of my friends’ blogs, I decided that some of their posts needed shout outs on my blog. So, without further ado, let me present the first (monthly?) “Kimfucius Thinks You Should Read” awards…

“QQuotes” by Margaret aka Halfie on the Mainland. If you couldn’t tell by her clever title, the post is about the joys of  IM conversations on QQ.

“Fun with Chinese” by Matt. Why are Chinese students so amazed by English pronunciation? And what is the literal translation of the Chinese word for cellphone? Check out his post for the answers and some fun Chinglish pictures.

“An Interesting Day in English Class” by Eric aka Dilly Dallying in Dalian. One day in class, Eric’s students asked each other (among other things): Who is your favorite Japanese adult film star?  Why do you rarely brush your teeth? and Could you ever marry a girl who couldn’t cook? Read his post to find out why.

“Thailand is a Poem” by Lani aka The Tell Thai Heart. She’s an amazing writer, one of my blogging idols, and this vivid piece of poetry is one of my favorite posts she’s written so far.

Check out the links above, and visit the links on the right hand side of the page to read more awesome blogs by my awesome friends.


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