You know you are a teacher when…

…You read an article or watch a movie and think to yourself, “How could I use this in class?”

…Organized attendance and grade spreadsheets excite you.

… You know 10 different ways to say “good job.”

… You are constantly worried about having a chalk handprint on your butt.

…Most of your conversations begin with, “Today in class…” or “When I was teaching about…”

…Your students send you weird pictures. (Like the one below sent to me by one of my freshman students named Alex Dragon.)

"I used my cellphone to make this. Wishing you like it."



2 thoughts on “You know you are a teacher when…

  1. haha, Speaking of Facebook, I talked with my students about Internet addiction today. It was an interesting conversation, because lots of American college students think of Internet addiction in terms of Facebook, Twitter, email etc. Chinese students (who do not have access to Facebook & Twitter) primarily use the internet for chatting and online gaming. I had them fill out a blank Facebook page as a fun homework assignment and a sneaky way for me to get their pictures and learn more about them so that I can remember their names!

    By all means, take this idea and run with it! I was trying to think of more examples, but got lazy/impatient and just decided to post it.

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