Food: Breakfast bing(饼)

Dear readers, I would like to make a special announcement. My breakfast of choice in Dalian has changed. You may recall that previously I was enamored with baozi, the steamed meat and veggie filled dumplings that are available at the morning market nearby. But then it started getting cold, so trips out to the market before class became less and less frequent. Oatmeal was my next go-to, and I had many a bowl of mushy oats with cinnamon and sugar. Then I started dreading my daily bowl of pasty, flavorless porridge…

Recently, I was introduced to a new breakfast buddy in the form of 蛋饼  (dan bing, lit. egg flatbread). There is always a line at the little stand where they are made…so I knew it had to be good. The two friendly ladies who work at the stand allowed me to document the magical process by which dan bing is made.

First the chewy bread is flattened and fried, with a little extra oil for good measure

Then the lady uses chopsticks to delicately make a tear in the top layer of the bing, and pours a scrambled egg mixture into the hole. It's amazing how fast she can do that to all nine bing in the pan, and not make a mess! The egg cooks inside of the bread for about a minute.

Your piping hot dan bing is smeared with a little bit of red pepper paste, folded and served in a baggie. It's a little salty, a little spicy, warm and chewy. Perfect when enjoyed with a travel mug of coffee!


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