By the numbers

Kimfucius says it’s time to celebrate! As of today, my blog has officially been viewed 1,087 times! Thanks, loyal readers out there in cyberspace. For your enjoyment, here are some other cool numbers that I’ve been thinking about lately.

23: Number of universities in Dalian (of which DUT is the best!)

270+: Number of student names that I am struggling to remember

31: Average number of students I have in each class

15.5: Hours that I teach every week (including Kindergarten)

7: Average cost in RMB for a full meal from a street stall (about US$1)

25: Average cost in RMB for a full meal and drinks in a nice restaurant with a big group of people (about US$4)

49.5: Average high temperature in Dalian in November (degrees Fahrenheit– brrrr)

1: Timezone for all of China (and no daylight saving’s time– it gets really dark around 5 pm!)

11: Hours on the overnight train that I took from Dalian to Beijing over the weekend

2: Days until this weekend…Can’t wait! Traveling to Beijing was lots of fun (more about that in another post) but I’m really tired now and feel like I might be coming down with a cold. I  need to grade some students’ homework and then plan a lesson for tomorrow. A teacher’s job is never done!


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