It’s been a good day

Today was a good day! Nothing really amazing happened, but it was just one of those days where all the little things went right.

  • I slept in an extra 15 minutes, and still managed to make it to Chinese class on time.
  • My partner and I hadn’t prepared to present a skit in class (oops) so we improvised a funny dialogue about a trip to the doctor. The teacher commended us for our excellent use of the Chinese phrase for hypochondriac (无病呻吟 wu2 bing4 shen1 yin2 for all you Chinese language learners out there).
  • I haven’t really made friends with any of my Chinese class classmates, but today during a break in between classes, I made a point to go talk a few of the girls  about the girly Japanese fashion magazine that they were pouring over. They asked me if I wanted to get lunch together later this week! Success!
  • I had a great lunch at a little noodle shop with my American buddies Margaret, Jacqueline and Marianna. Then I stopped at a little street stall nearby and got one of my favorite Chinese desserts: deep fried glutinous rice balls covered in sesame seeds and filled with red bean paste. Don’t knock it till you try it!

  • After lunch, I taught a lesson to my advanced oral English class about American college culture. Even though I was scrambling at the last minute to add pictures to a powerpoint for the lesson, everything went off without  hitch.
  • The weather today was in the 50s, sunny and only a little windy.  It was a welcome break from the super windy days we’ve been having lately.
  • I just had a home-cooked dinner with Margaret, my lessons for tomorrow are planned, and my QQ list is finally under control. Life is good in Dalian!

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