Laser tag in a National Park

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. I had some down time to relax, ate good food and drank Chinese wine with friends (only the finest Great Wall dry red that $6 can buy), and played laser tag. Yes, you read correctly, laser tag.

Suited up in camo, armed with a plastic laser gun and strapped into a vibrating vest equipped with sensors, I made my way onto the battlefield (located in a National Park about 40 minutes outside Dalian). As evidenced by this picture, I was pretty intimidating….

….NOT! Oh well, I still had fun even when I couldn’t tell if I was being shot or shooting someone else. (Your vest buzzes once when you shoot someone and three times when you’re being shot. In the midst of battle, I could rarely tell the difference.)

We played for most of the afternoon, and during a water break, David and Dan entertained us with a dramatic reenactment from battle.

For our last two games, we played against a group of Chinese people from a tech company. We actually beat them twice, but the referee quietly said that the second time we didn’t actually win, because it was an “International Friendship Match” and we couldn’t win both times…psh, whatever. Below is a picture of us and our Chinese “frenemies” as Matt put it.

And lastly, here was our group shot. What a rag tag bunch of soldiers! (Front row L->R): Me, new friends Anastasia and Olivia, and Emily, a woman who tutors several of the guys in Chinese. (Back row L->R): Gavin/Kevin?– Emily’s friend, Russell, new friend Alex, Matt, Adam– cool dude and owner of a coffee shop near my house, Dan and David.

I got all of these pictures from Matt’s blog, so go there to read his post about “Laser Tag with Chinese Characteristics.”


One thought on “Laser tag in a National Park

  1. Our Kimberly playing Laser Tag. You know what your brothers will want to do when you all are here in the Poc’s. Sounds like you continue to have a good time over there and we are so happy for you. As I said before we are enjoying your post and look forward to the next one. Sending our love.

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