Snapshots of my bedroom

The walls in my bedroom were white, bare and blah…until today! I snazzed up one wall with this awesome giraffe print that I bought on sale for 20 kuai ($3).

It matches my awesome duvet cover. Ikea gives all of its products cool Swedish names. My duvet was named Bibbi Snurr. I think it captures the essence of the swirly pink and red bedcovering perfectly. (As seen below, with some stickers that I use to bribe the kindergarteners to behave.) Bibbi Snurr really brightens up my room.

When I first moved into room there were two beautiful little bamboo shoots on the windowsill, leftover from the previous PiAers who lived here. Sadly, I neglected to water one for over a week, and it started to shrivel and turn yellow! (Sorry Jess & Maggie!) The good news is the leaves seem to be doing better since I put more water in the vase, but the stem is still looking pretty sickly.

Here is my mini library of Chinese texbooks and trusty Lonely Planet guidebook. (Oh, and a sign from McDonalds…haha…long story!)

Kimfucius says… grading takes a lot longer than you think it will! I learned that the hard way when I rushed to finish grading before class yesterday. 

So now I guess I should get started on grading this bunch of notebooks…Yay!


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