Teaching Update: Superman, Lady Gaga, and being brought up as a boy

Today I taught my first two oral English classes. (I also taught 5 year olds the hokey pokey– but that’s another story.)

Both of my classes today were Freshman Chemistry majors. They just finished their mandatory five-week military training, where they marched around campus in snazzy blue camo suits.

So today was my first class with them, and they are so curious, eager and enthusiastic. In my second class, during the five minute break, I had no less than seven 18 year old Chinese boys gathered around my podium asking me rapid-fire questions “Teacher Kim, can you speak Chinese? How old are you? What is your Chinese name? What is your phone number? Can I talk to you in Chinese on QQ (Chinese instant messenger)? Do you like Chinese food?” I was a little tired going into that class, but their energy was contagious, and by the end of class I couldn’t stop smiling.

They also laugh… a lot. There are some definite class clowns in both classes. After a game of two truths and a lie, I asked each person to share something with the class that they learned about a classmate. One guy announced to the class, “This is Alex. He likes a girl in this class.” Alex was shocked and embarrassed, but the class was in hysterics. Then a few people later, another guy stood up and said, “This is Carl. He knows the girl that Alex has a crush on.” The two instigators high-fived each other. Again, the class died of laughter. It all seemed pretty innocent today, but I still need to find out where to draw the line so that people don’t get picked on too much! (Side note: The students have pretty much all of their classes together, as well as live in the same building. So they are pretty close, even though they’ve only known each other for five weeks.)

And without further ado, I’ll share some of the responses I received to a question asking them to tell me two interesting things about themselves.

  • I was scared of the creatures which have more than four legs. I can’t understand this kind of existence. I am a country boy. They often made me crazy like Lady Gaga.
  • I usually hide the sadness in my heart.
  • I wanted to be a superman very much when I was young.
  • One day, when I was walking in the street, a big dog suddenly ran after me. I once left my umbrella in a shop, but luckily the shopper return it to me. God bless me. Aren’t these interesting? (Btw, this guy’s name is Swordsman!)
  • I was caught and hung on a tree by a farmer because I stole their apples when I was young.
  • I’m a crazy boy in some time.
  • I have eat Thai food sometimes, but I think it’s awful. (Because I told them that I enjoyed eating Thai food)
  • I always keep my eyes open when I’m sleeping.
  • I was brought up as a boy when I was a kid. (!!!! Obviously, this was written by a girl.)
  • I don’t like Japanese, but I like watching Japanese cartoon. (See my post on the September 18th Museum!)
  • In fact, I don’t like studying English ^_^ (Yes, he drew an emoticon)

As clearly evidenced by the above statements, my students are awesome (except for the last one). I’m really looking forward to a great semester with them.


3 thoughts on “Teaching Update: Superman, Lady Gaga, and being brought up as a boy

  1. Great post Kim. Full of warmth ~ I feel like I know your students. And a great idea to share what they wrote.

    I really like, “I sleep with my eyes open” sounds like an opening to a song or book doesn’t it?

  2. Coco D. So glad you stopped by! Hope life in DC is treating you well. If you ever need a break from crazy consulting stuff, just stop by here for some comic relief 😉

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