An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I’m going into my third round of lessons this week and finally feel like I’m actually teaching my students something. It’s a good feeling.

Last lesson I had them write short stories associated with memories of food. So this week, I thought it would be fun as a little recap to share some food-related idiomatic expressions, such as, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” The students were able to decipher the meanings pretty easily. Then, Melon (who sits in the back and zones out a lot) stood up and said, “I disagree  with the second quote because going to bed early might make you healthy, but it doesn’t make you rich. Rich people probably go to bed late because they are working hard.” Haha, good point Melon.

Then I asked the students to pair up, think of a Chinese saying that related to food or living a healthy life, and translate it into English. The students went to work immediately, and I thoroughly enjoyed the results.

  • Some were pretty self-explanatory, “If you walk 100 steps after dinner, you will live for 90 years.”
  • Some were touching, “We should remember the food on our plate comes from farmer’s hands.”
  • Some took a little explanation, “Good breakfast, full lunch and less supper” means that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Some were so Chinese, ” A hundred kinds of vegetables can’t be compared with a cabbage.”
  • Some were questionable, “A cigarette after a meal makes you closer to God each day.” (What?!?)
  • And lastly, some were lost in translation, “Boiled duck, hard lips.”

The weather is getting a lot cooler here, and I’ve been dealing with a slight head cold for the past week or so. I guess I need to go and eat some more apples…


3 thoughts on “An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  1. LOL. Most clever to date! Hope you are feeling better. Wish I could give you some “Chicken Soup for the Soul”–ESL Teachers!!

  2. Kimber, I finally got around to reading your blog and love it! Sounds like you are having a blast in China. I know this relates to an older post but can I be a Chinese grandma with you?!

  3. Steph! So great to hear from you. I’ve been keeping up with your blog… but now I understand how hard it is to consistently post updates! And of course you can be a Chinese grandma with me. We’d be an crazy duo! 🙂

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