Chinese Grandma

When I grow up, I want to be a Chinese grandma. Let me explain. From what I have been able to gather so far, Chinese grandmothers live a pretty awesome life. If I were a Chinese grandma, I would wake up every morning and go to a little park inside the university gates and participate in some relaxing tai chi. Then I would come home and take my adorable little grandchild out for a walk in the stroller to meet up with other grandmothers and their grandchildren. We’d have little powwows together, talking about life while drinking tea and sitting in front of the neighborhood store. Would I have to change diapers, you ask? Absolutely not. I’d potty train my grandkid by cutting a slit in their pants, and just letting them figure out how to pee and poop through that convenient little passage. In the evening, I might participate in some sort of drumming group that gets dressed up in costume and practices on the sidewalk of a busy city street, with other grandmothers, of course. Then I’d take a quick ride on the public bus (free for me!) to get some fruits and veggies to cook for dinner in my rolling shopping bag. After dinner I’d meet up with my friends again and participate in some sort of synchronized group line dancing with really funky music. And of course, I’d have an awesome fashion sense. Below is a picture of what I have to look forward to…


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