First Day of Classes

Yesterday I taught my first two lessons.  I was a little flustered at times (including when a supervisor just “dropped in” to evaluate my second class) but overall I had a lot of fun with my students, and I think they enjoyed themselves too.

I taught one class from 8:00-9:35, with a five minute break in the middle. It was nice to be able to see the students for that long, because I only see each class once a week. Then right after that class ended, I had to rush to another building to  teach my second class. Both classes are English Writing “B” classes, which means that they’ve already had one year of English class. (Lots of them were taught by the PiA fellows from last year, and asked if I knew them.) One class is Civil Engineers, and the other is Chemical Engineers.

Each class seems to already have a distinct personality. The first class definitely has some class clowns who are always trying to crack jokes, whereas the second class was a little more timid at first, but then began laughing hysterically anytime someone mentioned a girlfriend or boyfriend. (Side note: I feel pretty bad for the guys who don’t have a girlfriend, because the gender ratio at Dalian University of Technology is definitely not in their favor. In one class I have three girls out of 27 students!)

All of my students have English names. Most are fairly common: Gary, Thomas, Will, Joanna, Shawn and Martin. Some, however, are a little less traditional. Sly, Filo, Newton, Cage, and Spoon are some of my favorites! Their homework assignment was to write about how they picked their English name, and if they thought that a children’s name could affect their personality or chance for success later in life. I’m eager to read their responses.

Also, I know everyone is eager to see pictures… however, I seem to have not packed my camera cord that connects my camera to my computer. So I’ll have to go out on an adventure to find one before I can put up pictures. Major bummer! Sorry!


4 thoughts on “First Day of Classes

  1. Haha yay! I’ll tell them you say hi. I had another student who came up to me and asked if I lived outside of North gate. I was a little confused and asked if she saw me walking to class. She said no, Jessica was her teacher last year and wondered if I lived in the same apartment!

  2. Kimberly,
    Love to hear about your teaching adventures. Nothing like jumping into the deep end. Do you plan together with the other PiAs and share strategies? Your housing sounds a bit like camping. Good luck and hope your feet stay warm.
    Love and Hugs, Aunt Jane

  3. Hi Aunt Jane,
    It really is like jumping in the deep end! I hope school is going well for you! The other PiAers and I talk about our strategies all the time, and I think we are each figuring things out for ourselves slowly but surely. The weather here got a lot colder this weekend, but so far my feet have been warm 🙂

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