Bye bye Bangkok!

Kimfucius says… if you lay out in the sun, you will get a sunburn! (I seem to never learn.) It’s been a whirlwind week in Bangkok. Yesterday I was at the pool reading a good book and lost track of time, so now I’ve got some interesting tan lines… But overall the past few days here have been great. I’ve enjoyed buying pad thai and mango and sticky rice with my mom, walks around the Nichada neighborhood lake drinking coffee with my Dad, and watching Ben play basketball in his rec league. It’s also been nice to talk to Patrick using our new Vonage telephone number, and sleep on a comfy queen bed in his huge bedroom (aka the KOE “King Of Everything” lounge).

Today my big task is re-packing. I packed two suitcases of 50+ pounds each for the flight from JFK to BKK, but I have to seriously downsize for my flight to China because you are only allowed one suitcase of 44 pounds! Despite many years of packing practice, I am not good at packing light. Maybe all those years of Girl Scouts taught me to always “Be prepared,” so I pack with every possible scenario in mind. Whatever the case, I’m going to have to leave some things behind. Hopefully (if/when) my parents come to visit they can bring me some of the stuff that didn’t make it into my suitcase!

I’m anxious and excited to settle down in Dalian. As I said in my application for Princeton in Asia, “As a naive first grader, moving to China started a new phase in my life. Now, as I embark on deciding what to do when I graduate, I think it’s appropriate to go back to China and start another new phase. I’ve grown a lot in the past few years, and I know China has too. I want to go back and see how it’s changed. And I want to see how it can change me.” Cheesy, I know. But I really feel like I am coming full circle as I go on this new adventure.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll run into this random girl somewhere… (from a picture taken 15 years ago!)

P.S.- Special thanks to Roxy, Malcolm, Becky and Ravi for helping me come up with this blog name!


3 thoughts on “Bye bye Bangkok!

  1. We are so happy for you and wish you the best. Can’t wait to hear about some of your experiences and the outcome of them. What a great time in your life. Sending our love, Grandmom & Grandpop

  2. Excuse me ma’am but you left the most important nickname out of your ‘About’ section: BGD.

    Have a fun time with those Chinese El Chinos!

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    It will be great being part of your adventure with your blog. Thanks for including us.
    I think you will be a great teacher.
    How much have you been using Chinese since college? Do you feel comfortable with technical language? You will be learning lots as you teach.
    Have fun and best wishes.
    Aunt Noreen

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